〰 Welcome to the place where you can be you   〰


I started this little shop to help girlies look good to feel good. There's almost nothing a cute pair of Levi's or cozy vintage sweatshirt can't fix (except like the most dramatic situations, but they can still help) 

I really thought 2023 would be my year but it turned out to be the year that kicked my ass & made me realize my biggest priorities. Sorry for being distant, we all deal with heartbreak, financial difficulties, major life changes, mental health struggles & that's just life. People fall, some people fall harder than others, it's really up to you if you want to get back up.


I'm UP! Let's prove ourselves wrong and do what we thought we could never do.


Our curated vintage collection often goes quick, so make sure to set a reminder when we announce new drops! As an avid vintage-lover, I am always on the hunt for those hidden gems. 

Thank you stopping by and supporting my little business. Follow me along on instagram @dandybabes to keep up with upcoming drops + more!


 Xoxo, Niki