Contraband - Ceramic Slim Pipe (White)



Are you tired of cleaning your clogged one-hitter in-between uses? Get perfectly fresh hits across sessions with this re-imagination of the classic design.

The shallow bowl with multiple holes allows for even distribution for smooth, quick inhales. The ergonomic design fits perfectly in one hand, while having enough space perfect for a single person session. These weigh only 11 grams, which won't weigh you down while traveling or spending an afternoon on the couch.

Take care of these by simply washing them with hot water, or throw them in the dishwasher with your silverware.

About the brand

These pipes are handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio by Carly Cantor. She starts by digitally sculpting, and uses 3D printing to prototype and create molds for slipcasting. For more content on the process of how these are made connect with her on Instagram, @shop.contraband!

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